Professor Bathe is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Engineering at MIT. He is additionally an Associate Member of the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard, Chair of the MIT Committee on Student Life, and Co-Lead of the New Engineering Education Transformation. Professor Bathe obtained his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, working on interdisciplinary research in the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Biological Engineering before moving to the University of Munich to carry out his postdoctoral research in Biological Physics. He subsequently returned to MIT in 2009 to join the faculty in the Department of Biological Engineering, where he runs an interdisciplinary research group focused on integrative approaches to understanding and engineering biological systems. Major research thrusts of his group include the application of structured nucleic acid assemblies to mRNA and CRISPR/Cas9 delivery, protein/peptide-based vaccines, controlling nanoscale energy transport, and phenotypic profiling of neuronal circuits involved in psychiatric disease. 

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