Laboratory for Computational Biology & Biophysics

The mission of the Laboratory for Computational Biology & Biophysics is to develop innovative, robust, and broadly useful computational technologies that enable the molecular-level understanding and engineering of biological systems. Toward this end, we focus on analyzing high information-content biological datasets from fluorescence light microscopy, electron microscopy, and high-throughput sequencing to infer and control higher-order DNA, RNA, and protein structure and function in diverse biological and biophysical processes. Statistical, model-driven analyses of these datasets drive the generation and systematic evaluation of mechanistic mathematical models that are firmly rooted in physics and chemistry, which are tested and refined using molecular perturbations. Applications of our work include engineering artificial photosynthetic systems, understanding and modulating cancer cell division and migration, characterizing neuronal synapse composition, and understanding bacterial cell wall synthesis to reveal new antibiotic targets. For more information on these and other aspects of our work, please see our accompanying research, publications, and software pages.

MIT - Mark Bathe, Ph.D. Dept. of Biological Engineering  
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